About Us

University Christian Fellowship (UMCF), affiliated with Chi Alpha, is a non-denominational Christian Fellowship that is open to God's powerful working in and through His people. Attendees come from a variety of non-church and church backgrounds (including Christians both Catholic and Protestant i.e. Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Charismatics, and Christians of both non and inter-denominational churches) and/or seekers of knowledge of Christianity. UMCF is also an outreach ministry to students, faculty, the greater UM community, administration and staff on colleges and universities all over the world.

University Christian Fellowship equips individuals in the following areas:

  • Practical Leadership Skills
  • Biblical Training
  • Leading Others to Christ
  • Learning How to Hear From God
  • Relationship Building
  • Having a Practical Walk with God
  • Understanding and Applying Biblical Principles to Everyday Situations

We are a community committed to one another and the Biblical claims of Jesus Christ. We are open to all individuals, giving them the opportunity to make lasting friends, to learning more about the Bible, and to start having a growing intimate, LOVE relationship with Jesus, God, their Father, and the Holy Spirit, who can empower them to live a vibrant, meaningful life.

We are known as a community where vibrant, exciting, heart felt worship is given to God.

We are committed to being a community of evangelism, sharing the "good news" in a relevant way on today's campuses and around the world through mission trips, because Jesus Christ came to set people free and to give them "real" life.

We are committed to being a community that leads people into becoming more like our Biblical model Jesus Christ, through small group times, special retreats and annual conferences.

We are committed to be a community that sees Christ's followers on campuses and in the community live out practically the "one another scriptures" of the Bible, i.e. - care for one another, encourage one another, etc.

We are committed to be a community of prayer, for each other, and for those in the world at large, believing that intense, focused prayer has the power to change other's lives and circumstances around us.